S6 - Box Fort

Season 6 featured a "Box Fort" mission

Outbreak Season 6 was announced on August 25, 2014, and was the first season of Outbreak to run earlier than October.

Season 6 began on Monday, September 15th, 2014, and lasted until Friday, September 19th, 2014. It was the first season to feature a Human Extraction mission as its Friday Night Finale, where several Human Survivors were "airlifted" to safety, and then allowed to come back in the game as Zombies. 

The Zombie Horde overwhelmed the Human Resistance by the end, but not before 17 Human Survivors were airlifted to safety.

Human Survivors (in no particular order):

  • Carsten Ronshaugen
  • Kyler 'Killer' Elmer
  • Chris Domingo
  • Justin 'Jackal' Riccardo
  • Chris 'Baldy' Christensen
  • Grady Benson
  • Zachary 'Remscar' Nawar
  • Dennis Kwan
  • Blaine Reiner
  • Zachery Lewis
  • Vince 'The Pinoy' Espino
  • Eric 'Paintrain' Kube
  • Avsar Kalola
  • Ian 'Lead to the Head' Davis
  • Michael Alex Schabbing
  • Kyru 'Wolf' Hikari
Game Dates Sep 15 - Sep 19, 2014
Players Approx. 140
Missions Night: MTWHF

Day: M

Last Human Alive (Several)
Season MVP Antonio Jimenez (Z)

Game RulesEdit

The game rules for Season 6 can be found here


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Development TeamEdit

Season HighlightsEdit

Season 6 sought to bring back favorite missions of Outbreak past while adding a bit of new flavor for Zombie players. Among the missions that returned were the Human Extraction finale as seen in Post-Season 5, as well as a new Box Fort built atop Astro Hill. It was also the first and only season to utilize Amoebas, a unique game-sanctioned Zombie strategy where Zombie players could link hands, allowing the Zombies in the center of the Amoeba to become temporarily invincible to being stunned.

Boxforce One

The members of Boxforce One pose for a victory picture

Amoebas proved to be highly effective for the Zombies, especially during the construction of Box Fort II on Wednesday night. Rainy weather and slow-moving "Zombie Bombs" (composed of multiple tangled Amoebas) brought construction of the fort to a screeching halt. The next morning, a dedicated task force of 7, deemed "Box Force One" worked together to add the final touches to the fort.

The Friday Night Finale featured many things, including the return of several members of Strike Team, Delta and Echo squads both as participants, and mission objectives. The Human Resistance's goal was first to clear the landing zones for these special teams, and then all proceed over to the Evacuation Point and hold out for rescue.