The Human Phalanx during the Day 3 Mission of Season 3.

Phalanx Formation is a defensive formation utilized by the Human Resistance. It was first utilized by Resistance Leader Adrian Orszulak during the Friday Night Finale of Season 1.


A Phalanx is generally comprised of nine or more stationary Humans who arrange themselves into a two-tier defensive circle. The formation is most frequently used when the Resistance needs to defend a location, and/or protect VIP's.

Exterior Circle

The exterior circle of a Phalanx is comprised of Humans with short-ranged weapons (such as the Nerf Maverick REV-6) as well as any Humans that may be leaving the Phalanx before its deformation, such as Task Forces. The exterior circle does the majority of the offensive work of a Phalanx.

Interior Circle


Phalanx structural breakdown.

The interior of a Phalanx is comprised of Humans with heavy weapons (such as a Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 or Nerf Stampede ECS) as well as the Team Captain of the group comprising the Phalanx. The role of the interior circle is to provide support fire for the exterior circle, as well as calling out targets and resupplying ammunition to those in need. The Team Captain of the Phalanx (which may be the Resistance Leader in larger Phalanxes) is responsible for complete situational awareness, as well as directing the formation and deformation of the Phalanx.