Maverick REV-6

A Nerf Maverick REV-6.

The Nerf Maverick REV-6 is a Nerf blaster released in 2004. It is a popular blaster due to its relatively low price, and ease of modification. The Maverick costs around $9.99, and is available at most retail toy stores, as well as


  • Series: N-Strike
  • Dart Type: Suction Darts, Whistler Darts
  • Size: Medium
  • Capacity: 6
  • Range: 30 feet
  • Special Classifications: None

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Compact size makes the blaster easy to run with.
  • Inexpensive compared to most other blasters.
  • Easily modified to improve performance.
  • It is the only blaster that allows the wearer to be an authentic zombie slaying cowboy.


  • Low capacity, and must be reloaded dart-by-dart once all rounds have been fired.
  • Frequent jamming is reported (especially with Whistler Darts).
  • Too large to fit in a pocket when used as a sidearm.

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