Moderators are designated individuals who ensure the smooth execution of a Humans vs. Zombies game.

Moderators (Seasons 1 & 2)

Season 1's Moderator team served a dual-purpose; primarily, the Moderators were also the game Producers responsible for developing Mission content, establishing rules, and other administrative roles. Secondarily, the Moderator team was responsible for enforcing the game rules, and ensuring that players were playing honorably and respectfully.

Season 2 followed a similar model for Moderators; they were responsible for both game production and rule moderation.

Moderators (Season 3)

Season 3 was the first season in which the moderators were divided into two groups: Playing Moderators and Non-Playing Moderators. Unlike Seasons 1 & 2, the game's production was delegated to a team of Producers, allowing the Moderator teams to focus solely on game moderation.

Playing Moderators

These moderators play the Humans versus Zombies game throughout the game week. They are responsible for overseeing Duels and keeping the peace between the players. Playing Moderators do not have the power to kick players out of the game, but they may bring an offense to a Non-Playing Moderator for consideration.

Non-Playing Moderators

These moderators do not partake in the actual gameplay, but instead create and distribute Missions to the players. They are responsible for handling the game rules and making sure all of the players are aware of any changes made. For some missions, these moderators will join as NPC's (Non-Player Characters) that the players will be required to protect or help in some way.