Missions are events held at night during a season, with the goal of drawing Humans out of the Safe Zones and encouraging more interaction between the Human Resistance and the Zombie Horde.


Missions can be divided into two categories: Passive Missions and Active Missions.

Passive Missions

Passive Missions are missions that last for the entirety of a day, and generally have a series of objectives to complete. Players are generally given a Passive Mission on Day 1 of a season, as there are not enough Zombies to reasonably confront the Human Resistance. Passive Missions, due to their at-your-convenience nature, often have players accomplishing mission objectives in fragmented groups, making them more vulnerable to attack by the Original Zombie.

Active Missions

Active Missions make up the majority of missions in Humans vs. Zombies. Active Mission are usually held at night, when Zombies are more easily shrouded in shadows, and require the Humans to accomplish one or more tasks as a large group.

Some Active Missions increase the level of difficulty for the Resistance by placing a time restraint on the Humans, or by dividing up the Humans into multiple smaller groups, leaving them more vulnerable to Zombie attacks and ambushes. The Friday Night Finales achieve heightened difficulty by breaking the mission up into a series of two or more different phases, which forces players to change locations and complete multiple objective in a particular sequence.

Mission Objectives

Active Missions require the Resistance to perform any number of different objectives, sometimes simultaneously. Some frequent objectives are listed below.

Zone Control

Zone Control objectives require Humans to locate and hold one or more areas for a period of time. This was first done on Day 3 of Season 1, during which the Humans were required to defend a point for 15 minutes.

VIP Protection

Some missions are focused on protecting a designated player or non-player character from Zombie attack. This was first done during Day 4 of Season 1 when the Humans were required to escort a VIP back to the Safe Zone.

Item Collection

Occasionally Humans will need to collect objects - or parts of an object, then assemble it - as an objective. This was first used as a mission objective during the Season 1 Friday Night Finale.

Mission Rewards

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Mission rewards are perks granted to the Human Resistance (and sometime the Zombie Horde) whenever a mission is completed. The reward may be tactile, such as being able to use stronger weapons, or conceptual, such as making the next mission easier.