Frank Aliberti was a Leader of the Zombie Horde during Season 1 and Season 2, and was a game Moderator for the entirety of those seasons. He is a sophomore BFA student (class of 2014).

Aliberti is presumed to return as a player during the upcoming Season 3, but whether or not he will play as a Zombie is unconfirmed.

Season 1

Aliberti was killed during Day 1 of Season 1, making him the first Human to be tagged by the Original Zombie. Aliberti then proceeded to kill a total of six Humans during the remainder of the day, earning himself a significant amount of respect, and securing a leadership position among within the Zombie Horde. By the end of Season 1, Aliberti had totalled more Human kills than any other Zombie.

Season 2

Aliberti joined the Horde by Day 2 of Season 2, and continued to be an active voice in Zombie leadership until the Friday Night Finale.