Welcome! This is the information hub for DigiPen's biannual Outbreak/Humans vs. Zombies games. Here you can find information from previous games, as well as several resources for new players looking to learn the basics.

What is Outbreak?

S4 - After

Outbreak is a glorified game of Zombie Tag, in which a several players (Zombies) begin as "it." As players are tagged by these Zombie, they also become Zombies and take part in the tagging. Survivors, players who have not yet been tagged, are permitted to use certain approved weapons, such as Nerf-type foam dart blasters, to 'stun' Zombies for a duration. The game lasts until all Survivors are tagged or until the Survivors escape during the Friday Night Finale.

What is Humans vs. Zombies?

Season 1 Zombie Meeting

A Zombie meeting during Season 1.

Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) is the original and most popular Zombie Tag ARG from which Outbreak is derived. In Humans vs. Zombies, the game begins with an Original Zombie instead of starter Zombies, and Zombies must keep track of their own individual respawn times (instead of the global respawn timer used in Outbreak).

HvZ Resources

Join the DigiPen Outbreak Development Team!

Do you have a strong passion for Outbreak/Humans vs. Zombies? Do you look forward to the next game before the current game is even over? If so, the DigiPen Outbreak Development Team is looking to take some of DigiPen's greatest minds to help continue the culture-shaping experience that Outbreak & HvZ have become for our amazing school.

So if you would like to be part of our incredible team of talent, send us an email at

Previous Games

2010 Season 1 (Fall)
2011 Season 2 (Spring)
Season 3 (Fall)
2012 Post-Season 3 (Spring)
Season 4 (Fall)
2013 Post-Season 4 (Spring) 
Season 5 (Fall)
2014 Post-Season 5 (Spring)
Season 6 (Fall)
2015 Post-Season 6 (Spring)
Season 7 (Fall)
2016 Post-Season 7 (Spring)
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