AT Internals

Modified Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 internals.

Modification (also referred to as "Modding") is the process of altering the appearance or functionality of a stock foam dart blaster. Appearance modifications such as painting the blaster are for aesthetics only, while functionality modifications will affect the blaster's performance.


A common and easy modification is to paint blasters for aesthetic purposes. Common paint jobs inlcude recoloring the blaster to camouflage better in outdoor environments, recoloring to make the blaster look like a real firearm, and painting and adding doodads to give the blaster a "Steampunk" look.

As of Season 2, painted blasters that could be mistaken for real firearms have been banned from DigiPen Humans vs. Zombies for obvious safety reasons.

Functionality Modifications

Dart blasters are engineered with a number of safety features preventing them from inflicting pain when children use them. Older players, however, tend to modify the blaster to achieve increased power, accuracy, ease of use, or other functionalities.

Range and Power Modification

The most typical type of blaster modification is to increase the blaster's firing range. This is accomplished by increasing the pressure that propels the dart. In some electric blasters, such as the Nerf Barricade RV-10, this can only be accomplished by increasing the voltage of the batteries. Other weapons, however, have a number of ways to improve range, such as air restrictor removal, spring replacement, and breach upgrading.

Most range and power modifications increase the risk of the blasters breaking when used, especially when fired without a dart ("dry firing"). Certain measures can be taken to mitigate the damage done by modified internals, such as padding the back of the plunger, or reinforcing the buttplate.

Accuracy Modification

Accuracy Modifications are more infrequent than range upgrades, and usually require a breach upgrade to tighten the bore of the internal barrel. Since the accuracy of each shot is dramatically affected by the condition of the dart, accuracy modifications are often considered impractical.

Ease-of-Use Modification

Some modifications serve to improve the usability of the blaster. A common example is adapting a pump-action priming handle to a bolt-action weapon, such as the Nerf Longstrike CS-6.

Other Functionality Modifications

Players will occasionally mod their blasters for reasons other than range, accuracy, or ease-of-use; such mods include integrating a second blaster into the first, adapting a blaster to shoot a different type of ammunition (such as foam arrow blasters being modified to shoot foam darts), or adapting a non-Clip System weapon to accept Clip System magazines.