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Player Details
Allegiance The Zombie Horde
Seasons Played Season 1, Season 2, Season 3
Squadrons None
Degree BFA (class of 2014)
"Sparkles" (real name William Wood) was a Zombie player during Season 1 and Season 2. Wood earned his nickname and memorable reputation during Season 2, due to his key involvement in the Day 4 and Day 5 missions.

It is unknown whether or not Wood will be returning to play in the upcoming Season 3.

Season 1

Wood was killed by Frank Aliberti on Day 1 of Season 1, and proved a capable Zombie for the rest of the week.

Season 2

Most of Wood's reputation (and his nickname) came about during Season 2 after he was slain early in Day 4. He adorned himself in a sparkling sequin outfit, and served as a distraction to direct the Resistance's attention while other Zombies prepared to ambush the Humans.

Nicknamed "Sparkles" by the Humans, Wood became a Zombie celebrity, and was given the unique responsibility of carrying a quest object for the Season 2 Friday Night Finale.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Spahkle Pahti in mine hosen!"
  • "Do you like to Spahkle Pahti?"
  • "Spahkle Pahti und ja!"
  • "It's in mine hosen!"